Hi, this is Marc. I’ve been where you are right now and I can help.

I have been a partner and chief marketing officer of a multimillion-dollar professional service business (built in less than six years), which we sold at an industry-high sum to a multinational market leader, an owner/operator of an international publisher and cataloger of multimedia learning products, a principal in a management consulting firm, philanthropic leader, and a private investor in many exciting and profitable ventures.

I spent the first half of my working life focused on personal ambition. I was a classic entrepreneur – identifying an unmet need in the marketplace and figuring out how to fill the void. I was very fortunate in business, but something was missing and I knew it.

Then, in one day, my world changed and the way I wanted to spend the rest of his life. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to help people.

Over the next few years, I took the steps necessary to unwind my day-to-day business interests so I could redirect my professional attention towards helping people succeed personally and professionally, and causes near and dear to my heart. For the past 10+ years, I served as executive and practitioner in three significant yet very different non-profit charities overseeing domestic and international operations.

Since this new journey began, not a day goes by that I am not called upon to pull out my leadership guidebook, MBA or trusty entrepreneurial toolbox to cut a fresh new path or maneuver through some rough waters. I am now part of a much bigger story and have never been happier.

Let’s Connect

To get to know me better, please visit my LinkedIn profile and invite me to connect if you like. I look forward to the opportunity of helping you meet your objectives.