Culture Bender

Over the last decade, I have bumped into some very dedicated people (just like you) with a desire to make a real impact within their ministry, business or community. Truly, they wanted to bend culture back towards Jesus.

Unfortunately, many of these people were not able to achieve the breakthroughs they were looking for. That grieved me greatly and that is why Culture Bender was created.

I understand because I walk in your shoes. I want to be a Culture Bender too…to bend culture back towards Jesus. Walk with me and together, we can help rewrite the stories our ministries, businesses and communities.

The reason I finally decided to jump in is because as a follower of the risen Christ I needed a safe place to eternally process the needs of our communities and develop relevant, practical and actionable responses. In other words, innovate needed products or services that point people towards Jesus!

Bending Culture Back Towards Jesus

If you are like me, I know it pangs you to see and feel the dissension and polarization; within and outside the Church. It seems we are battling on every front, doesn’t it? It’s easy to get discouraged and fearful. We need to be around others who also need encouragement, support and the protection that comes with community.

I believe we can stand strong in our faith and still love as Jesus modeled in the real world. At the same time, we cannot continue to take the bait of the enemy and repeatedly fall face first into his ugly little plan. Hello?

The motivation behind Culture Bender is to create a healthy environment to consider the issues of the day from a positive, authentic and open Christ-like perspective and figure out what to do about it.

His House His Rules

Culture Bender is not intended to necessarily engage non-believers or for a platform for them to challenge us. Non-believers are welcome but everyone participating must remember that this is His home.

We are at a crossroads and few of us want to continue down the same road we are traveling. I really appreciate you being here. To learn more about Culture Bender, please visit .